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We are a Cathedral based Company

aida is the flagship project of, a reference company in the AI international scenario, created to support software teams all over the world with comprehensive user interface test tools, and able to manage testing process that are difficult to automate. aida can guarantee the development of high quality Software/Firmware for desktop, mobile and web applications and thus foster the success in the world of every client company.

The quality of aida is composed of these main ingredients:











aida: speed, quality, safety.

aida revolutionises software tests for speed and quality, in fact it is the most effective, fast and safe answer to the requests of the biggest development teams in the world. aida allows you to manage test resources and access control centrally from the main console. Test are managed safely, because the processes of aida meet the most demanding standards even in these terms.

For all your tests you just need aida

Are you trying to run end-to-end tests using smart process generated by deep learning and run tests on different platforms, devices or technologies? From today you just need aida!

Aida It is in fact the first complete tool for the automation of end-to-end tests on every software/firmware platform that uses artificial intelligence for learn and create performing and ready to go test templates.
A single aida license allows you to use full features and add UNLIMITED USERS to your account for run, control and manage every aspect of your testing strategy, create test scenarios that cover ERP applications, elements of the legacy user interface, as well as advanced or third-party technologies.

You can also run tests in parallel to accelerate cross-scenario tests and more, or tame user interfaces that are difficult to automate with features such as the deep integration of Aida with Selenium WebDriver, robotframework, and all your personalized python libraries.

aida the automation test suite based on selenium and robotframework
aida the automation test suite based on selenium and robotframework

Easy for beginners, powerful for experts

aida born as a solution to the many difficulties existing to date for the development of automated tests like, for example, the time pressure of manual and multi-platform regression tests. In addition, many automation tools require advanced encoding capabilities, are limited to only certain platforms, or require complex integrations to automate the user interface. aida solves these challenges with easy-to-use tools for testing automation without code, along with a quick start tutorial a complete user guide for day-to-day productivity, and a live h24 support directly integrated into your environment; but what really sets it apart from everyone else is its ability, thanks to the aida Assist® technology, to learn in autonomy and create customized templates for your needs ready to import and manage within your projects.

Testers with little or no programming experience can use the aida Template Management GUI to create reliable automated test cases without writing a single line of code.

Write complex tests? aida will do it for you

Implementing increasingly complex test scenarios is undoubtedly a critical and potentially high-risk activity for every business.

aida not only natively implements the concept of template, which abstracts the complexity of the test and allows full distribution and management at all times, but thanks to its artificial intelligence engine is able to learn both from the general trend in testing automation and above all from your specific behavior related to testing strategy and, literally, create for you even more complex test templates adhering to your business needs, easily imported and manageable within your aida environment.

aida the automation test suite based on selenium and robotframework

Test coverage of business requirements for product release is guaranteed

aida guarantees adequate coverage from test scenarios and monitors all test cycles, until the requirement is validated by the company before being released to production.
Activate the process by defining the requirements and related test plans for required changes while monitoring progress, ensuring complete traceability of all changes.

Test management and programming to ensure the correct coverage of the test-case to the business requirements.

Ensures a global view of any change thanks to the integrated real-time analysis functionality of the test.

Check the application lifecycle to determine if processes and standards have been maintained in terms of compliance and compatibility.

aida the automation test suite based on selenium and robotframework

User code library

Allowing you to use customized user code extracts and add them to the central library. The testers can thus access the methods from the library and use them in the tests immediately.

aida the automation test suite based on selenium and robotframework

Data-driven testing

Allows to inject randomized code inside the test variables and set predefined execution cycles in order to automatically track the response to various types of input in CI / CD logic

aida the automation test suite based on selenium and robotframework

Keyword-driven testing

Allows testers to separate the test automation process from the test case design and group the test parts into easily understandable stages such as login, setup or save.

aida the automation test suite based on selenium and robotframework

Selenium testing

Thanks to the Aida Selenium WebDriver integration, it's possible to create web tests using the script-less and code-based aida tools, and run them on all Selenium supported platforms and browsers.

aida the automation test suite based on selenium and robotframework

Scalable web testing

Using Selenium networks and the robotframework core you can distribute aida web tests on multiple operating systems and browsers, thus obtaining the advantage of parallel testing.

aida the automation test suite based on selenium and robotframework

aida learning features

Thanks to its artificial intelligence engine aida is able to learn from your behaviour, intercepting necessities and test patterns in order to create ready-to-use test templates more tailored and focused to be imported into your environment.

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